Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Egg and Spoon Race, Edae

Perhaps it's a sign of getting old that these days, meetings with my friend Mae usually take place in the morning, and usually for brunch. This is a stark contrast to our hangings-out of yester years, when we usually went for dinner instead and were perfectly capable of romping around Seoul into all odd hours of the night. Whatever has become of our once youthful, night-owl ways? Oh, age. You make me sadface.

As you might imagine, our new early morning grandma meetings have launched us on a continual quest to find good brunch places, and nothing has us smacking our lips more than the excitement of discovering somewhere new to try out. (Unless of course, it's the food from that somewhere new, which was definitely the case on this particular occasion.) On one of our recent brunch expeditions, we decided to visit this little joint called Egg and Spoon Race in Edae (Ewha Women's University).

Personally, when it comes to cafes, there are three things that really float my boat:
1. Decent prices (I'm a cheapo)
2. Good food (I'm a dwaeji)
3. Cute decorations (I'm a girl.. Self-explanatory!)
As it turned out, Egg and Spoon Race was a wonderful little combination of all three.. Winner ahoy!

The food started from 7000 won and the menu stated that if you visit on a weekday between 11am-2pm, you can take advantage of their 10% lunch discount. Score!

Their brunch offerings consisted of the usual fare: omelettes, waffles, salads, bagels, and so on.

The omelette section of their menu

Forks and spoons make a nifty chandelier

Any place that uses Mini Coopers as its wall decorations is a winner in my books!

On our first trip there, Mae ordered the potato omelette. It was chock full of spinach, bacon, and of course, potatoes (9000 won, discounted to 8100 won).

I decided to go with the 'bagel dish' (11,000 won, discounted to 9,900 won) -- salad, sausage, egg, and a bagel with chicken and melted cheddar over the top. It also came with a serving of ricotta on the side. Double cheesy whammy!

On our second visit, I couldn't resist going for the bagel dish again, while Mae ordered their 'high toast dish', laden with honey toast, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, and salad. Very filling and very satisfying.

How funky is the bendy spoon on her coffee cup?!

The only possible downside I can think of is that it was quite a small cafe. While this made for a really nice, cosy atmosphere, it meant that the 7 or so small tables they had filled up really quickly once lunch time hit. Lucky for us though, part of this turning-into-old-farts business means we've started arriving at restaurants early enough to beat the crowds by a long mile.

While we were only there for brunch, it's worth noting they also do non-brunch foods like steak, pasta, pizza, and risotto.

Note to self: Go back in evening and stuff self silly on dinner menu.

Egg and Spoon Race, Edae
Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Address: 서울시 서대문구 대현동 54-9 (54-9 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul)
Directions: From Edae Station, exit 3, walk straight in the direction of Ehwa Women's Uni campus. Take the second right, and look out for Egg and Spoon Race on your right.

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