Monday, September 21, 2015

Ddo-ong Cafe (poop cafe), Insadong

Poo. Dung. Faeces. Number two.

No matter how you put it, in the wise words of Taro Gomi, "everyone poops" and there ain't no shame in that. In fact, pooping is a ritual that should be celebrated. (It's far better than being constipated, is it not?) So.. If you're an open-minded cool cat who's down for glorifying poop in its resplendent nature, then Ddo-ong Cafe in Insadong is the perfect place for you.

The theme of the place is poo and, in true Asian style, it takes excrement and portrays it in the cutest way possible -- using swirly spirals, cartoon faces, and a multitude of toilet-shaped decorations.

A poop pole and a message tree

The wisest words I have ever heard

Paying homage to the humble squat toilet. Hurrah!

Toilet door

Drinks range from 4,800 to 7,000 won and you can request your hot drink to come in a toilet-shaped mug. (If you don't make any requests, it'll simply come out in a regular mug with poop decorations on it.)

Rose latte, 5,500 won, dark chocolate latte, 6,500 won,
and a poop scone, 800 won.

Another view of the poopy goodness.
Can't get over the adorable poop latte art. XD

If you like the toilet mug enough, you can purchase it for 20,000 won, along with other mugs that have various poop decorations printed on them.

I personally loved that my rose latte came with an actual rose in it and a big, white, smiley-faced turd. Talk about amazing (*cough* Instagram-worthy) presentation. Here's a closer shot for good measure:

You can probably tell that my drink was stone cold by the time I drank it because I was too busy being a photo-whore. u__u;; Still, it was pretty good. Combining coffee and roses definitely made for an interesting and unusual flavour.

Cafe counter & interior

I'm a sucker for any place with succulents

All in all, the cafe has a nice atmosphere and is a great place to lounge about with friends. If you're flying solo, it's still a nice, chill place where you can sit down and ponder the deeper questions in life. You know, matters such as who created the spiral shape that's so synonymous across Asia with poop? Is there anyone or anything that has ever dropped a dingleberry in a perfect spiral?

Yeeees. Deep thinking, this stuff is.

Ddo-ong Cafe, Insadong
Hours: 10am - 9pm
Address: 서울시 종로구 관훈동 38 쌈지길건물 4층 (4th floor, Ssamziegil Building, 38 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Directions: From Anguk Station exit 6, take the first left into Insadong and continue down the street until you see the Ssamziegil complex on the left. Ddo-ong Cafe is on the fourth floor.

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