Sunday, March 22, 2015

Molly's Pops, Hongdae

Ice cream is one of those foods that is extremely hard to say no to. Ice cream in kooky flavours is even more so. Ice cream in kooky flavours that's handmade in a quaint little shop with cute decorations is... GARGHHH.... Get a mop quick before someone slips in my puddle of drool! @__@

Molly's Pops in Hongdae is an uber cute little place that sells handmade ice cream and is run by a lovely, smiley lady whose daughter's English name is Molly. The owner started off making ice cream pops for her daughter in lots of different flavours and eventually decided to open up a store and share her awesome creations with the masses.

At any one time, there are usually about 12-14 flavours on offer including funky ones like Erdinger beer, wine & strawberry, and wasabi, along with unique Korean flavours like injeolmi (powdered soybean) and Kahlua makgeolli (Korean rice wine). At 3,500 won a pop (see what I did there? Hah!) they're a bit more expensive than a scoop at places like Baskin Robbins, but when you consider the fact that they're handmade and there are funky flavours you wouldn't find in regular chain stores, it seems entirely justified. Plus the owner is super nice. I don't know about you, but when I go to a place with friendly staff, I usually feel inclined to spend more money. This meme comes to mind:


Anyway.. As the owner is constantly coming up with new flavours, sometimes things are rotated or eventually phased out, so what you see during one visit may not be there next time.

As an example, in winter last year I saw marscapone cheese:

And I have not seen it again since. :(

In summer, I saw milk tea:

But I haven't seen that again since, either. .___.;;

I'm not sure if those flavours have been discontinued, or if I just have bad timing with the rotations, but I've certainly learned my lesson: If you see any flavours you like, get them right away (even if it means eating several ice creams at once) because the opportunity to taste that flavour may never arise again.

Life is too short to miss out on kooky ice cream!! T_____T

Some of the pops I've tried so far:

Kahlua makgeolli. (Excuse the blurriness T__T)
This stuff is YUM. Couldn't taste much Kahlua but the makgeolli was definitely there. Makgeolli is a fermented rice wine which some people find kind of stinky. With this ice cream, you can taste the makgeolli but there isn't any of the fermented smell that usually comes when you crack open a bottle.

Wasabi. (Excuse the blurriness T__T)
I've heard that people either love this or hate it. Unfortunately, I think I'm in the latter group. For me personally, sweet and creamy + spicy and radish-y was not a good mix. Everybody's tastebuds are different though, so you should definitely try it for yourself. ^__^

Wine & strawberry, mint chocolate.
Wine and strawberry was pleasant -- sweet and fruity thanks to the strawberry, though I couldn't really taste much wine. Mint chocolate was great. This is my favourite ice cream flavour at Baskin Robbins, and Molly's Pops does it really well.

Injeolmi (powdered soybean).
My favourite at Molly's Pops so far. There are actual pieces of rice cake in it, which are soft and chewy, and the flavour of the ice cream is exactly like real injeolmi. 

This is what satisfaction looks like. XD

The store is quite small, so there aren't many seats (only a couple of small tables inside and in the warmer weather a couple more outside). However, they do offer take away if you order four or more pops, and they package it up nicely for you with dry ice. Since winter's drawing to a close and warmer weather is on the way, me thinks I shall be staking this place out a lot more. >:D

Molly's Pops, Hongdae
Hours: 12pm - 10pm, closed on Mondays
Address: 서울시 마포구 서교동 332-21 (332-21 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)
Directions: From Hongdae station exit 8, turn right and head up the street until you reach the roundabout. Turn left and walk for a block until you reach another roundabout. Take the first right and then turn right again. Continue down this street a few metres and Molly's will be on your left.

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